Focusing In on Focus Groups

When was the last time your organization hosted a focus group?

Focus groups can be intimidating to plan, coordinate, and host, but you don’t have to do it alone. Is your library or nonprofit interested in gathering quality input from your current and/or potential patrons or clients? A focus group can help.

Your library or organization is probably required to collect data to put into an end-of-the-year report, but how much of that data is qualitative? Yes, numbers play a large part in determining what areas need improvement, but so does direct input from actual human beings.

You can host a focus group, but sometimes it’s better to have an unbiased facilitator so that attendees feel more comfortable being frank in their opinions.

I’m in the process of developing a one-hour webinar all about focus groups, but I’m also available to conduct them for your organization either in-person or virtually. If you’re interested in learning more about focus groups, get in touch with me at and I’ll be happy to discuss it more with you!

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