Want to make sure your library’s signage hasn’t hit a dead end?

Join me for Library Signage: Effective Crisis Communications at 3:00 pm on January 27, 2022 for a WebJunction webinar and learn about how to get your library’s signage back in shape for the new year!

Good signage in the library helps to create clarity and build awareness, while bad signage can lead to frustration and confusion. Has your library had to implement COVID-related signage? Has there been a review of other temporary and permanent signage? This session will look at recommended types of library signs and address aspects of library signage within crisis communications. We will also address how to conduct a signage audit, the importance of library branding and using templates, and internal communications as they relate to signage. Online resources will be shared and there will be opportunities for Q&A and discussion.

I’m looking forward to talking about library signage with you soon!

Register today at WebJunction.org.

3 thoughts on “Want to make sure your library’s signage hasn’t hit a dead end?

  1. Curtis,

    I attended your webinar on library signage and crisis communications yesterday. You mentioned that we shouldn’t use clip art on our signage. What do you think about using Canva to design flyers and other signage for the library?

    Thank you!

    Jill McConnell
    Executive Director
    Cooper-Siegel Community Library


    1. Hello, and thank you for attending the session and also for your question. I have used Canva many times to design flyers and other kinds of signs for the library and highly recommend it. I generally use photography to enhance images like on my blog posts. Most of those are my own photography and then I use Canva to add my logo and text.


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